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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Creator Mix really free (and Copyright-Free)?

Absolutely! You can Create A Free Account right now and start using our music. We will not issue a copyright claim, strike, DMCA, or mute for using our music. However, please follow the rules according to our end user license and read through the rest of this FAQ. You can download our license at the very bottom of this page.

Is Creator Mix music original and safe to use?

Yes! Every track you'll find in our library was either made by one of our partnered Creators or us. Our original music is safe to use in your videos, live streams, podcasts, and courses.

What platforms can I use Creator Mix music on?

Our music is safe to use on YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn, podcasts, and online courses. Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok sometimes have issues incorrectly identifying songs and will issue a false Copyright Claim. You are allowed to use our music on those platforms, but please understand that you do so at your own risk. We are currently working on a solution.

Can I use your music on Facebook?

You can, but we can't promise you won't have issues with their Content ID system. We're working on a solution.

Will I get a copyright claim or strike?

You'll never receive a claim, strike, or mute from us unless you attempt to claim it as your own or violate one of our rules. For example, you can not use our music exclusively for an online radio station or 24-hour stream. However, false YouTube copyright claims and Twitch mutes happen, and it can happen with music from any library, paid or free. Content ID systems are not perfect and will sometimes incorrectly identify one song as another. There can also be problems with shady people and companies filing false claims. We address this below in the next question.

What if I do get a copyright claim or strike?

If this happens to you, please go to the bottom of this site and download our license. You can upload this license with your dispute to prove you have permission to use the track. On YouTube, the claimant (the person/company who filed the claim) does not respond within 30 days, and they usually don't; YouTube will release the claim. Any monetization will be held during this time. It's an imperfect system, but it's what we all have to work with at the moment. Copyright strikes are rare and are not something you need to worry about. If you do receive a fraudulent copyright strike, contact us through the support page, and we'll do what we can to help. Please DO NOT ask for help through social media DMs or posts. There's a good chance we won't see it.

Where can I learn more about Content ID, claims, strikes, and mutes?

To learn more about YouTube's Content ID claims, click here.
To learn more about Twitch mutes, click here.

What is the proper way to give credit/attribution?

We've made it really easy for you to give us attribution. Look for the copyright icon next to the track you downloaded, and click on it. It will open a window with a "copy" icon to copy the track information. Paste that information somewhere in your video or live stream description if possible.

If you're using multiple tracks at once, you can add a single attribution of "Music by CreatorMix.com" in your description.

We made a simple three-step process here, showing you how.

Do I need to ask you for authorization to use your music?

No, you do not. However, please give us credit/attribution if you can. We understand that not every project can give attribution. It would be great if you could, but if you can't, that's okay. We're not going to claim or strike your content because of it. Sharing with others how they can also use our free music helps everyone out, including other Creators.

Sharing is caring, and free music makes the world go 'round.

Can I be monetized and use your music?

You sure can! Your monetization status will never change your ability to use music from Creator Mix.

Do I need a certain number of followers/subscribers to use your music?

No! Creator Mix is for everyone!

Do I need to connect my channel to use your music?

No. We do not need to connect to your channel or have you sign in through it. All you need to do is create a free account with a valid email address and start downloading (or streaming).

Where is your license that allows me to use your music?

You can download our license here or in the footer of our site.

Can I make a remix or modify your music?

You can not do anything that results in you registering or claiming the music as your own. If you need to cut it up, fade it, or move it around to make it work in your videos, that's fine. It's also okay if you want to modify a song for fun. But you can not register the song with a distributor or PRO, release it as your own, or claim it as your own.

Can I sing or rap on your songs?

You can not do anything that results in you registering or claiming the music as your own. If you want to do it for fun, you can. But you can't release or register it as your own or submit it to any Content ID system. For example, you can not release the track through Distrokid, TuneCore, CD Baby, etc.

Can I stream your music while playing a game?

Yes, you can. However, make sure your streaming service allows it.

Can I download your music on my mobile device?

Yes! Our site is compatible with Android and Apple devices. Be sure to Create A Free Account before downloading a track. That said, we can't guarantee it will work on every device and on every browser. If it's not working for you, try using a different browser.

Can you make custom music for me?

If you are looking for custom music for your commercial project, get in touch here.

Do you accept music submissions?

We are always looking for new Creators to work with! Please contact us and let's see what we can do together.